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Awesome - N. Leonardo

The more you put into the set up, the more you will get back when you play.
This game was awesome, my 4 year old was as excited as i have seen her and asked to play everyday for weeks after. Luckily, the design of the game lends to a new and different experience and outcome each time you play. It is a bit of time consuming effort to get everything set up and ready to play but if you are the type of parent that finds joy in their child’s happiness and strives to ensure an enjoyable childhood than this is the game for you!

Five Stars!


Buy it now! - Erin B. Shannon

When I say the game was a hit, I’m not kidding. It is the most played with Christmas gift! And the adults have enjoyed it too. There are many ways to make the game less or more challenging. My kids (ages 5 and 6) can set it up and play by themselves or it can be made more challenging with riddles- as well as blank cards to make your own clues. I am a Speech Language Pathologist in an elementary school and I am also using this game with my students to work on goals of sequencing, inferencing, teamwork and following directions. It’s a wonderful way to get them up and moving during lessons.

Five Stars!


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